Pocket-Size * Lighted Display * Audible or Vibration Alarm
Practical for Everyday Living
Actual Size "3.25 x 1.0"
"I have this clock in Red and I use it everyday! I couldn't be without it now, especially for remembering pill times. This is great for little naps. I like the music that will keep playing periodically until you turn it off. I also like the buzz feature. Buy this clock-it's fantastic!" -GiGiValentina
"I found this "surfing" the web and decided to buy it. We live in a rural area and getting everyone together for dinner at the same time is challenging! Well, I have since bought one for every member of my family. I tell them dinner is in 45 minutes and no one is late! It is perfect for families! Thanks MyPowerClock!!!" -HarleyLady
"MyPowerClock literally saved my house from burning down! I was making rice for dinner on the stovetop one morning, set MyPowerClock, and put it in my pocket. I took my boys upstairs to get ready for the day and forgot about what was on the stove. I packed them up in the car and as I was pulling out of the driveway, MyPowerClock went off in my pocket. I had forgotten to turn off the stove and left the house! If I had used the microwave timer I never would have heard it and who knows what would have happened. I ALWAYS use MyPowerClock when cooking from now on!" -MaggieF
"I am impressed with the ease of use. It is great for setting grilling times and comes with a convenient guide for grilling various foods. I also like the idea of using it to set time limits for children. Whether it is a time-out or limited time for various activities, it is easy enough for children to understand and use." -cipzilla
"I love MyPower clock. I spend many days gardening, when I have something cooking on the stove or in the oven, I just set MyPowerClock and I have peace of mind!" -Zags
The Reminder Timer™